Build Ur Bricks Lego library helping parents save on toy spending

A British start-up is helping parents slash toy spends in 2016 with a fully loaded LEGO® library featuring over 150 sets. Smart, simple and seriously cost-effective, parents renting LEGO® through the Build Ur Bricks subscription service stand to save up to 70% on children’s play budgets.

The new statistics is part of the company’s efforts to highlight the huge savings associated with toy libraries. Online, parents can sign up for a variety of subscription plans. There’s an option for every budget, from Starter packages starting at £9.99 per month to Pro plans priced at £24.99 per month. When signed up as a Pro member parents can rent LEGO® sets valued at up to £120. This means that instead of purchasing the latest LEGO® sets costing in excess of £100, they can rent them as part of a monthly£24.99 membership plan. This translates to savings of around 70%. Starter members enjoy the same benefits, with the £9.99 monthly subscription fee unlocking sets worth up to £25.




For kids, the online LEGO® library unlocks a variety of exciting new sets. Rather than assemble and disassemble the same set multiple times, Build Ur Bricks keeps LEGO® fun and exciting with a constant flow of new designs.

“It simply doesn’t make sense for parents to continually splash out on LEGO® sets when they can rent the exact same models for a fraction of the price. Let’s face it, a new LEGO® set is exciting but after it’s been put together and dismantled a couple of times its novelty wears thin. With Build Ur Bricks children can enjoy set after set of LEGO®, at up to 70% less than it would cost parents to purchase products outright. It’s child’s play, reimagined,” says Ash Jey of Build Ur Bricks.




The latest research from Euromonitor reveals the extent of the UK’s colossal toy spend, with the average parent spending a huge £550 per year. This sees the UK’s toy market valued at over £5.7 billion. While it’s understandable that parents want to keep their children entertained, Build Ur Bricks asserts that this sort of cash outlay simply isn’t necessary.

The online toy rentals platform hands parents the best of both worlds with its action packed LEGO® library featuring over 150 sets. Rather than fork out £550 per year on toys, parents can unlock access to a huge range of LEGO®, with yearly subscription spends starting at under £120. From mini 100 piece playsets to towering 1000+ piece monstrosities, there’s something for every LEGO® obsessed little one.




As well as timeless classics Build Ur Bricks carries a dynamic range of themed LEGO® sets. From Star Wars, Jurassic World and the LEGO® Movie to the Architecture range, the City collection and Technic blocks, LEGO® lovers are spoilt for choice.

In addition to personal subscriptions Build Ur Bricks also offers gift card options that are perfect for birthdays and other special occasions.

To find out more about Build Ur Bricks and join the rental revolution that’s slashing toy budgets across the UK, go to:

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